Bitcoin’s Energy Pitfall

Growth of Blockchain

In Blockchain industry, storing data, direct transaction, PoW, PoA , PoS causes a heavy load in the energy sector.

Bitcoin mining energy consumption

55.63-73.12 TWh consumption per year. Equivalent to 33% of Australian, 24% of UK, 14% of Canadian, 1% of China.

Resource Opportunities in Mongolia

Mongolia is a Source of Green Power

Thanks to the favorable natural conditions of Mongolia, Karvoun will easily build a wide range of power plants where renewable sources will be the target.

Wind Energy

Being committed to the future of renewable energy, we are going to build green power plants. Strong gusts of wind are one of the main characteristics of Mongolia. Here the winds blow all year round, regardless of the season.

Solar Energy

Using solar panels for mining is both cost-efficient and environmental-friendly. Mongolia receives 300 days of sunshine per year making it possible to generate enough power for Karvoun’s Industrial Park.

Goverment vision

Mongolia is crypto-friendly country, the authorities of which actively support the IT field. In 2018, the Central Bank of Mongolia approved the Regulation on Digital Currencies to create a legal framework for coordinating the circulation of digital currency and related activities.

Why Choose Karvuon

Karvuon Token

Asset-Backed Token

Karvuon’s token is backed by external, real-world asset value



Karvuon is audited by trusted and professional smart contract auditors and specialists

International standard

International standard

Karvuon owns a JORC confirmed 327 million tons of coal deposit



Mongolia is becoming the next country to try and enter the blockchain world

Karvuon’s Industrial Park

Karvuon LLC will build and operate an energy industrial park in Central Mongolia. We are going to construct a power plant with a capacity of 200 MW and an annual energy generation of 1 752 000 MWh and solar and wind farms with a capacity of 100MW with an annual energy generation of 876 000 MWh. Karvuon’s Industrial Park will create over 1,000 employment opportunities and provide the local economy with high tax revenues.